"The Greensleeve is as green as green can get." - Macworld
“A great green option for covering your lean mean media machine.” - Discovery.com
"What's the next green-yet-stylish option? Turns out, it could be this cover from Gone Studio." - Treehugger

Greensleeve lets you carry your iPad with comfort, style and security. It's made from 100% pure sheep's wool felt, and you can be sure it's the most eco-friendly case out there because we make each one with no plastic, no waste and no electricity, using only hand- and foot-powered tools.

The Greensleeve is a naturally water- and stain-resistant case that fits all full-size models of iPad. With its unique, patented design, it features the natural durability and light weight of the finest wool. The easy-open metal snap holds your tablet securely in the soft 1/8-inch thick wool that provides padding and a soft surface against your iPad. Even the back of the snap won't scratch, because we cover it with natural cork.

Inside, your iPad's headphone jack will be fully accessible, and the WiFi, Bluetooth, and all data and voice transmission will be available for use. Available in either kiwi green or charcoal gray, each Greensleeve is handcrafted in the USA from the finest natural materials on earth, all for a price you can also feel good about!

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